Gurk and Angel at Capital
Gurkaran Gulati and Angel Zuniga Martinez pose while visiting the Capital Factory offices in Downtown Austin, Texas, in 2022.

What is Prompt Video?

Prompt ® Video helps brands manage video and make the best of it. We live mostly in the short-form video space. We are a marketing technology platform placing control of video content storytelling into the hands of brands and the people they serve.

Using patent-pending technology we call Cinematic Intelligence™, Prompt ® Video provides a human leadership meets tech management approach to building people relationships in a video first world.

We watch and analyze video so you don’t have to.

“Within the heart of the complex, beats the seed of something so simple; to eviscerate it and share it with the people is to plant and harvest the bounties of business…”

“And, what is good business but many customers, growing markets, and meaningful relationships.” ~ anonymous

Prompt ® Video’s Story

“Prompt ® Video” was born from the entrepreneurial vision of Gurk Gulati and Angel Zuniga Martinez, who on December 10, 2021, separately went on stage at a Techstars Startup Weekend at Geekdom in San Antonio to pitch the need for better brand storytelling through video.

“We won 2nd place. Since then, we have lived the startup Texas Manifesto and traveled across Texas to network and learn more about storytelling, cinematic video production, and how to use technology to bring it to the people,” ~ ANGEL ZUNIGA MARTINEZ, Cofounder


To be the world’s source of truth for brands connecting to people through story.


Prompt Video’s mission is to be the standard for brands to source, direct, store, and generate trustworthy videos.


Managing video is complex and time-consuming.


A smart video management platform for brands that makes video simple.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition for brands is to make video simple. We watch and analyze video so brands don’t have to. Simple saves time. Saving time saves money.

Why Us?

We Value Video

We have built a simple platform that allows brands to value the power of video at scale and streamline business outcomes to reduce financial, labor, and time costs.

40+ Years of Experience

We have a team with decades of experience in creating videos, videography, video editing, technology, and digital marketing informing our decisions and how we advise our clients.


We are a San Antonio born tech startup that wants to build communities where people are creative, informed, educated, collaborative, and more in the realms of video, tech, and marketing.

Our team

Angel Zuniga Martinez

Co-Founder / marketing manager

Angel is a creative agency owner, actor, Brit pop rock artist, banker, and an experienced entrepreneur with more than 30 years in PR, marketing, filmmaking, banking, senior leadership and music.

Gurkaran Gulati

Co-Founder / Technologist

Gurk is an AWS certified data architect, dev manager, coder, DJ, and an experienced entrepreneur with more than 10 years in agile product development, cloud architecture, devOps, and management.

Core Values

Learn more about our core values we use in our decisions, team, and work.

Let’s talk today

If you want to join the team, collaborate, or partner please feel free to reach out.