Who we are

Prompt Video is a content ops platform enabling videographers to direct cinematic authentic content remotely utilizing technology so they can innovate faster, adapt better, and grow more efficient at driving business results.


The mission of Prompt Video is to help businesses create authentic video content quickly by directing better storytelling. Prompt Video believes sharing who we are, what we do, and why we do it should be fast, simple, and cost effective for every business.


Prompt Video’s vision is to direct the world to share its authentic self.

How We Started


Startup Weekend

Technical Creatives

We met Dec 2021 at a startup weekend in Geekdom in San Antonio where we pitched to create a platform that guided users to create better quality videos to tell better quality stories! We won 2nd place. Since then, we have lived the startup Texas Manifesto and traveled across Texas to learn about storytelling, cinematic video production and how to use technology to bring it to the consumer.


Cups of Coffee


Produced Videos


Clips Sourced


Customers Onboarded

Our Team

Angel is a creative agency owner, actor, Brit pop rock artist, banker, and an experienced entrepreneur with more than 30 years in PR, marketing, filmmaking, banking, senior leadership and music. Gurk is an AWS certified data architect, dev manager, coder, DJ, and an experienced entrepreneur with more than 10 years in agile product development, cloud architecture, devOps, and management.

Angel Zuniga Martinez

Co-Founder / Creative / Videographer

Gurkaran Gulati

Co-Founder / Technology / Architect

Let Us Help

We can provide guidance in remote video direction for your business or agency,

  • Help onboard you to the platform
  • Provide sample prompts for examples
  • Help craft prompts for your specific project/engagement
  • Request new features that are useful for your workflow
  • Zoom calls to help consult on a shoot

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