Join the Prompt Video team and the American Marketing Association San Antonio Chapter during their May 17th luncheon for a thought-provoking discussion on A.I. featuring marketing tech leader, Angel Zuniga Martinez, cofounder of Prompt Video!

Angel Zuniga Martinez, Prompt Video’s marketing manager

Amidst the rapid advancements in AI and technology, marketing professionals are left questioning their role in the future of the industry. Angel Zuniga Martinez will tackle this pressing concern by debunking three common AI myths and demonstrating the continued importance of marketing managers in the age of AI.

3 A.I. Misconceptions

In this exclusive event, Angel will address the following misconceptions

  1. AI will replace all human jobs in marketing: Angel will discuss the limitations of AI and the unique strengths of human creativity and strategy in marketing.
  2. AI-driven marketing is impersonal and lacks emotional appeal: Angel will showcase recent advancements in AI that enable greater personalization and emotional targeting in marketing campaigns.
  3. AI eliminates the need for marketing managers to upskill: Angel will emphasize the importance of marketing managers continuously developing their skills to remain relevant and excel in their careers.

Take the Step To Attend, Network, and Learn

This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn how to adapt and thrive in a tech-driven industry! If you don’t attend, you might be left behind while other marketers find success for their organizations.

Join us for a delicious lunch, engaging presentation, and valuable networking opportunities with fellow marketing professionals.

Reserve your spot now and stay ahead of the curve with Angel Zuniga Martinez at the American Marketing Association San Antonio Chapter luncheon!

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