Prompt Tools LLC dba Prompt Video launched their first round of beta testing as sponsors of Geekdom’s monthly mixer on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Prompt Video is an iOS app that directs brands to produce authentic videos quickly from their community. A new minority-owned martech startup, Prompt Video helps brands get needed video content that’s often complex and expensive to source.

Watch the Feedback Videos Below:

“In the past, creating promotional videos required hiring expensive professionals or learning multiple skills in filmmaking, marketing, and technology…Prompt Video provides brands a new cost-effective, simple tool for video content marketing,” said San Antonio-based, Angel Zuniga Martinez, Co-Founder and Creative with Prompt Video. 

The co-founders of Prompt Video, Gurkaran Gulati, 29, and Angel Zuniga Martinez, 50, met as strangers with a shared purpose on Friday, December 10, 2021, at a Techstars Startup Weekend hosted by Geekdom, after both men lived separate journeys following a ten year hiatus from their past entrepreneurial endeavors. 

“Prompt Video values being supported by Geekdom to find mentors and each other in our startup journey, and now Angel and I are proud to enable Geekdom to receive feedback from their community through video,” conveyed Gurk Gulati, Co-Founder and Technologist at Prompt Video.

Gulati, a successful AWS data architect, manager, coder, and DJ from Austin, Texas, once placed first at a startup weekend in San Diego, California, which resulted in Yapster, an audio app with initial traction and a lot of tech startup lessons. Martinez, a new creative agency owner with ten years of nonprofit marketing and senior leadership experience, once ran a real estate company after enjoying a diversified career in private banking, commercial acting, and as a Brit pop rock artist.

Prompt Video is focused on storytelling and sales growth for the 27%, approximately 2 million, of the 7.6 million businesses in the U.S. with over $200,000 in annual revenue and typically under 20 employees. 

Key video stats:

  • 54% of consumers want more videos from brands they support.
  • 64% of marketers see video as the most difficult content to make.
  • 70% of B2B customers watch videos on the path to purchase.


Watch Gurk and Angel’s Presentation before the Prompt Video Beta Testing

About Prompt Video:
The mission of Prompt Video is to direct brands to produce authentic video quickly from their community. Prompt Video believes sharing who we are, what we do, and why we do it should be fast, simple, and cost-effective for everyone. To learn more, visit

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